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"PlaneShift is like a godsend."

If you're a Mac owner and like your MMORPGs to be 3D, then this game is a godsend for those of you who don't have money to spare. I had enough trouble finding a free MMORPG that was 3D, let alone one that was Mac-compatible. To be honest, I didn't think one could exist. But then I found PlaneShift. My only major complaint is that it is frustratingly difficult for beginners to get a handle on. It takes a long time to complete quests because you can't teleport to different locations — you need to walk. It takes a long time and it's easy to get lost.

The Softonic review is for version 0.4.03, but the current version is 0.5.4, which doesn't require you to log on regularly to "avoid being destroyed" (was this ever true? It's news to me). I've never played 0.4.03 so I don't know how much it differs from the current version, but either way this game has incredible potential. I can see it gaining celebrity status at some point in its future.

  • Realistic in its complexity
  • Graphics are pretty good
  • Tons of NPCs to interact with and get quests from (I often see more NPCs than players)
  • The world is incredibly vast and there are always new things to discover (although on the other hand this makes it easy to get lost, which may deter some from exploring the game's depth)
  • Good music (several tracks, not overly distracting)
  • Starts out as 9 parts frustration to 1 part fun, and it takes an incredibly long time to advance far enough that the game becomes more fun than frustration
  • Even in the non-roleplaying server, internet speak is often altered to more "roleplay-appropriate" wording, and even mild swearing is replaced with symbols (which makes it seem like you said something worse than what you actually said)
  • Takes forever to get anywhere, very easy to get lost
  • The quests feel more like chores than adventures

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07 Dec 2010

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